Bunker 3 day Bug Out Bag - Black

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A bug out bag is the essential survival kit that everyone should own at home or in their personal vehicle. This bag is specially built with the intent to get a wayward traveler safely home. This bug out bag has a combination of items including food, water, survival and comfort items necessary to make an impossible task possible. Photos are examples of what Bob contains.

This bug out bag includes the following: Rothco Pack with durable Denier polyester and includes a zippered main compartment, additional zippered pockets and padded adjustable shoulder straps.

Aquamira water straw filter, Shemagh, Hands-free Headlamp, 550 lb. Paracord, Compass, Fire Starter, Emergency Blanket, Water Proof Matches, Meal Ready to Eat (MRE) Pack (with heater bag), First Aid Kit, Foldable spade w/pouch, and Emergency Water Packs (4.227 oz. each, Qty 6)