MUV Nomad Water Filter Travel package

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The Nomad water filter and travel bottle is the perfect combination for those who wander or for international travel.  Perfect addition to your emergency preps! Just attach to your bug-out bag! 

Includes: Nanalum filter-water bottle-tube adapter

Filters chemicals ( chlorine, arsenic, fertilizers, pesticides, diesel fuel, etc), metals (iron and lead), bacteria's and viruses.  Filters 99.999% of bacteria ( Giardia, Ecoli, cholera, protozoan, cysts, cryptosporidium) 

Filters 99.99% of viruses ( Hep. A, polio, Typhoid, enterovisuses)  Blocks sediments and large particles. Improves water taste and clarifies water.  Nanalum electrostatic filter technology.

Filter capacity: Up to 90 gallons.  Replaceable filter.