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PPE ~ Politics in the Pandemic Endgame

Politics in the Pandemic Endgame
There is NO place for politics in a pandemic. Yet here we are.
As the average American navigates through a murky set of rules and "laws" during the CoronaVirus, we are also witnessing how a different game is being played out amongst the elite and politicians. 
The original numbers were startling. We were projected to have over 2 million dead with our hospitals over-run with the sick and dying, tens of millions infected and life as we knew it decimated. None of that came true, yet most of us are still on stay-at-home orders with either a new set of rules to follow as we dare venture outside or at at the least, public and social media shaming from those who feel entitled to comment/rage at other's not living by the "rules".
I remember when they asked us to curtail our activities so they could handle the load of people at the hospitals. makes sense. If we were ALL going to get this terrible virus, we needed to slow the transmission so we could handle the influx of patients...BUT none of that happened and many states are still on lock-down. So, we went from fighting a virus we couldn't see to fighting power hungry politicians we do see.
No matter what political side of politics you connect with, you must always remember that putting your faith in any politician is just asking to be disappointed. Since when did we take medical advice from a Governor?  Heck, the "Medical Professionals" lied straight to our faces and now that NONE of their projections have come true, they continue to impose these medical "rules of engagement" for living your life. Yeah, sorry, but I don't think maintaining a general 6-foot perimeter is going to keep me safe.
Indoctrination is the real virus. It comes from people with an agenda, people who believe their way of thinking is the only way...and that takes time. It must be slowly introduced, given in small bites at a time, as to not overwhelm you. It is subtle and dangerous.
For the most part, Americans came together and hunkered down to do whats best for the Country, but that wasn't good enough for the politicians because that was only the first step into a political mine field of control. They want more. They want testing, tracking and vaccines. Mind you, we currently do not have a vaccine for the common cold or flu, but for some reason, the Covid-Virus is the new "poster child" for viruses. I have never seen the kind of political frenzy around a virus than I am now. We must assume that this virus mutated into an opportunity to affect our upcoming election...And if they had to crash the economy and send millions of people into instant poverty to bring this beautiful country to it's knees, that's just the price we must pay for thinking we were a free people.
Honestly, if it were an air-borne virus and as highly contagious as they led us to believe, it would only take one week for every person to be infected from just going to the grocery store...or, getting their food delivered or from going to Lowe's which is packed with customer's every day. So, forgive me for using a bit of common sense. I don't see any medical logic in the fact that I can't go to the hairdresser, but I can surround myself with people at Lowe's and that's okay because they have been categorized as an "Essential Business".  Well. guess what, we are ALL essential.
So, the bottom line here is do what makes sense for you and your family. Wear a mask, don't wear a mask, stay at home if you are able to, shop, work and play as careful as you can, but I'll be damned if I'm going to listen to these so-called professionals who are just trying to advance their own careers and political standing.
We are better than that and it's time WE THE PEOPLE vote these vultures out of office and never let them forget the day they tried to take over this Country with a hidden agenda, driven by greed and power. 
God Bless America!

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