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Prepping is a way of life and many are just beginning to realize the importance in being prepared for the unexpected.  Who could have guessed we would be facing a virus that becomes a political power struggle to confine and rule over the average American.

I think one thing that has become crystal clear is, relying on other's for accurate, unbiased information is a fool's game.  YOU DO YOU better than anyone and doing what is best for you and your family must be the number one focus- all other's be damned.  Don't worry about what other people think, do or don't do.  If you are planning and preparing while they are not, it just confirms that you are one step ahead of the herd and that's all that matters!

I believe we are in the eye of the storm right now.  We have endured, adjusted and adapted the last 6 months and I think we have more to come.  As we head into the November elections, don't think for one minute that groups of people aren't organizing in the shadows. They are.

Just look back a few months and see how people reacted...panic set in and the run for things like TP and food began.  Making good decisions is hard when you are in a panic and unprepared... and trying to prepare during a crisis is like swimming upstream.

Let me ask you this- What happens if the rioters come into your neighborhood or suburb?  Or if things get so dicey that going to the grocery store scares the crap out of you?  Or streets are continuously blocked by "protesters" and running errands begins to look like a survival game?  Or the power goes out?

The entire reason for being prepared is for exactly what happened the first 6 months of this year!  Don't be the person that refuses to recognize the unprecedented times that we are living in.  This has gone far beyond just dealing with a virus...we are in a moral battle, economic battle and in many ways, a battle for our very freedom.

I hope you see it.

Good luck and happy prepping~





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