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Prepper thoughts during the COVID pandemic...


Although we are all in the same storm, we are not all in the same boat. Prepping is and always has been personal insurance for survival. The big difference between a prepper and a non-prepper is we recognize and see the flaws and vulnerabilities in our infrastructure. Preppers tend to see the weak links in our chains of operations and adapt a plan accordingly.  

So, fast forward to today's COVID Virus...

Although I never prepped for a Pandemic, I have found that my prepping strategy has covered me well.  I have made only a few trips to the store and have been able to avoid the long lines and general anxiety that I see many other's experiencing. I have always tried to reinforce with others that when people panic, they make poor decisions. I've listened to people's complaints and I have witnessed the hoarding, and I have to say it's all textbook behavior - Completely predictable and not at all a surprise.  What we are all witnessing is the majority of American's are unprepared and they will do whatever they feel they have to do to get what they need for their families. The problem though is the system is not designed to handle the vast majority who now want to stock their shelves for a long period of time. **Prepping during a disaster is too late**

In the past, we generally only saw a disruption of services for a few days in certain regions due to natural disasters. Now we have a new player in the game. Now we are experiencing something that has disrupted our everyday lives across the world and will most likely last for quite some time....So, the big question is can you adapt? 

We are just entering phase two of the pandemic- The Fallout. We are all going to experience a new world... a new way of conducting business, a new way of socializing, a new way of living in general. I know there are many differing views on the Virus in general, but one thing is clear...Our world has changed. Plan for it now or be swept up in the aftermath where you have no choice but to follow along, instead of forging your own path.

So, as a prepper I am not immune to the chaos around me, but I did plan for it. I pray that you are safe, #woke and planning for your future in this brave new world. 

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